dhtmlGrid / Images of checkboxes not in IE temporary file

Dear support,

I’m still unlucky these days …

I wanted to try the lastest release of dhtmlGrid, so I took the needed .js file for my project on order to change the old ones.

I saw a strange thing: even if I reload the page x number of times, it seems that the page is loading images for the checkboxes without using the “temporary internet files” folder, as these images are now never put in this folder (I dont know why); some others image for dhx objects are in, btu not this one.

So, when I test the page on a slow machine, I can see clearly a slow process (about 600 images of checkboxes for some grids in the page) and I can see too in the status bar “downloading image from ’ …url…’”.

I went back to “old” .JS files, but now (as I’m really unlucky) the problem is still the same -> no checkbox images put in the IE temp files, so there is still a slow process for loading these images.

(nothing like “pragma no cache” or things like that in the html)



There was no changes in the dhtmlGrid 2.1 , which can change the way , how images loaded. New version uses the same logic for checkboxes, so problem must be related to some changes in server|browser settings.

You can try to use attached patch ( works for both 2.0 and 2.1 version ) , it will change the way how checkbox images rendered in grid (background-images instead of IMG tags ) and must resolve issue with cache.

patch_ch_image.zip (491 Bytes)

ok, thanks, I will try with this.