dhtmlGrid with ColdFusion

I’m using dhtmlxGrid and I have a number of records that I’m returning from a query in ColdFusion. I’m then looping over that record set and creating JSON and having the grid parse that.

What I’m interested in is adding a HTML link to one column so that use that link to go to a different page for that specific record.

There is an example of this here: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _grid.html

The question I have is that I’m using.

mygrid.parse(data, "json");

to load the data into the grid and according to the docs link are created by passing an XML file to the grid like this:


It seems that if I loaded this XML it would screw up my grid that has been created with JSON.

I’m curious if anyone has had the same situation or could I possible use the

mygrid.parse(somenewdata, "json"); 

to load in the HTML information?


Unfortunately your issue is not clear.
You may use the linl excell in JSON type:

{rows:[ { id:1001, data:[ "100", "link^www.url.com" ] } ]}

Thanks for answering.

I have made a pastie that shows my code:


I have a generated gird and the email on the same page.

I am using JSON and parsing it from a JavaScript variable called DATA.

This is generated on the fly with ColdFusion. While I get the grid, I am not getting a link.

All of the JavaScript appears to be loading but it’s just not parsing ^http://www.url.com


You should define the “link” excell to the column with the links: