dhtmlmenu shows behind pdf in frames set, iframe and on same

I am trying to use dhtmlmenu and am experiencing problems. The menu is showing behind the pdf. I have gone through you support site and have seen similar problems.

I originally placed the menu in a top frame and the pdf in the main frame. No luck.

Next I placed menu at the top of the page and then defined a frameset (see below):


No luck.

I have placed the pdf in an iframe on the same page as the menu. No Luck.

I have used a frames page with the menu in the top frame and an iframe with the pdf in the main frame. No Luck.

I need to have the menu show on top of the pdf whether it is in a frame or iframe or even on the same page.

I have seen it work in other dhtml menu products such as delux-menu.com. I do not want to have to use another menu product to get this functionality. We have an enterprise license and like and use your products but this is a real sticking point. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Phillips

Browser loads Acrobat Reader using its low-level rendering (ActiveX is used). And unfortunately, it is not possible to control menu position with JavaScript.