DHTMLTabBar Disappears in IE7


I’m using your tab bar in one of our internal applications (I couldn’t find version information in the js file but it has a 10/22/2007 stamp).

We are migrating from ie6 to ie7 and thus I am working on addressing any compatibility problems.

The only issue I haven’t been able to resolve is that when the application loads, the tab bar and the content of the first tab appears like it would in ie6. BUT … it then immediately vanishes! When I fiddle with controls on the screen (for example, custom select objects containing div dropdowns, the tab bar and its content reappears and never disappears again.

From googling, I suspect this to be a bug termed the ‘Peekaboo’ bug but I am not 100% certain.

Have you heard of and do you know how I can fix this issue?

To repeat, here is what happens:

in ie6:

app loads just fine, no js errors and the page displays tab bar. The first tab has content displayed.

in ie7:

app loads fine, no js errors and the page displays tab bar. The first tab has content displayed.

THEN the tab bar and its content disappears!

When I fiddle with any controls on the screen containing divs, the tab bar and content reappears and never disappears again.

please help!


please provide the demo where we can recreate the issue.

It will take me a while to pull together a demo as my page has a complex layout (which, I want to stress, works fine in IE6). While I do that, please refer to the following links:


An AP box sometimes disappears when in the source code it is the
preceding or the following sibling of a float. This condition doesn’t
always trigger the problem, but seems necessary for the problem to
occur. So any box (even an extra dummy div) “separating” the AP box
from the float in the source code (either being between them, or
wrapping one of them) fixes the problem.

Some cases (4a, 5a) require as further trigger that the float has
100% width. They are easily fixed giving to the float a -3px negative
margin on the side opposite to the float direction (4b, 5b). These
cases do not occur in IE7 (which suggests that a different bug could be

If you still need a demo, I’ll pull one together for you but really, this should be enough information above to show what the issue is. I’ll start working on a demo just in case.


we still need a sample to reproduce the issue.