dhtmlTree - attached event onNodeSelect wont work!

Hi!, im triying to use dhmtlTree for browsing documents etc etc etc …

so part of my code is:

function test (x) {

alert(“hi there!”);


var dhxTree = dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachTree(“nROOT”);




but nothing really happens when i click on a node, i also try to attach the event “onSelect” but the same thing.

in fact i need to define a actionHandler for eah node, so i took a peek on documentation and it shows that insertNewChild 4th paramter is exactly for that, but if a put “test” there i got this error:

obj.actionHandler is not a function, i’ve triyed putting the “test” function after / berfore the Tree… and also in another area, but is keeps the same

thanks in adavance

Instead of
You need to use

Full list of supported events, can be checked at
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxT … tml#api_ev

>>in fact i need to define a actionHandler for eah node
By using attachEvent@onClick you will assign common event handler , which will be used for all items in tree by default.