dhtmltree - Problem with openNode method combined with enabl


I have a problem with the enableDistributedParsing method when I need to open or select a node after loading :

the dhtmltree only loads a part of the tree. It works fine without any node opening.

My tree code is the following :


I’m using openNode because the openItem() function isn’t launched when called in the previous script portion :

function openNode () {



Any ideas? maybe i should call the openItem () in the script portion directly, after the tree.loadXML instruction? it doesn’t work for me…




The second parameter of loadXML is a function , so it must be something similar to next
    tree.loadXML(“tree.xml”, openNode);

    tree.loadXML(“tree.xml”, function(){


In case of distributed parsing the onXME event and second params differs


    // this will be called after ALL items from xml parsed


tree.loadXML(“tree.xml”, function(){
    // this code will be called when xml loaded and first chunk of XML parsed