DHTMLX 3.5 Multiple File Uploader

Is there a way to control what file extensions the end-users are permitted to upload,
before uploading files with New 3.5 dhtmlxForm Multiple File Uploader :question:


currently form does not provide such functionality.
may it will added later.

Are there any examples on the server side (PHP) for doing this? Here’s what I’ve added:

if (@$_REQUEST["mode"] == "html5" || @$_REQUEST["mode"] == "flash") { $filename = $_FILES["file"]["name"]; if ($_FILES['fileload']['type'] != "image/x-png"){ print_r("{state: fail, name:'".str_replace("'","\\'",$filename)."'}"); } else { move_uploaded_file($_FILES["file"]["tmp_name"],"/data/".$filename); print_r("{state: true, name:'".str_replace("'","\\'",$filename)."'}"); } }
Can I tell the uploader control of failure like this? It doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

please provide completed demo (see details in a topmost post in this forum)


What I gave is pretty much everything. Here’s the form…not much more than the sample:

[code]var strUpload = [
{ type:“upload” , name:“formUpload_uploader”, label:“Select files for upload”, inputWidth:400, inputHeight:100, url:“include/messenging/dhtmlxform_item_upload.php”, swfPath:“script/codebase35/ext/uploader.swf”, swfUrl:“include/messenging/dhtmlxform_item_upload.php” }

var formUpload = popupWindow.attachForm(strUpload);[/code]

And here’s the server side PHP script:




(MODE will detected on client side automaticaly. Working mode will passed to server as GET param “mode”)

response format

if upload was good, you need to specify state=true and name - will passed in form.send() as serverName param
{state: ‘true’, name: ‘filename’}


if (@$_REQUEST[“mode”] == “html5” || @$_REQUEST[“mode”] == “flash”) {
$filename = $_FILES[“file”][“name”];
if ($_FILES[‘fileload’][‘type’] != “image/x-png”){
print_r("{state: fail, name:’".str_replace("’","\’",$filename)."’}");
} else {
print_r("{state: true, name:’".str_replace("’","\’",$filename)."’}");



response format:

to cancel uploading
{state: ‘cancelled’}

if upload was good, you need to specify state=true, name - will passed in form.send() as serverName param, size - filesize to update in list
{state: ‘true’, name: ‘filename’, size: 1234}


if (@$_REQUEST[“mode”] == “html4”) {
if (@$_REQUEST[“action”] == “cancel”) {
} else {
$filename = $_FILES[“file”][“name”];
move_uploaded_file($_FILES[“file”][“tmp_name”], “/data/overlay/emergency/”.$filename);
print_r("{state: true, name:’".str_replace("’","\’",$filename)."’, size:".$_FILES[“file”][“size”]/filesize(“uploaded/”.$filename)/."}");

All I did was change the HTML5/FLASH part to check the mime type of the uploaded file, but now what? I’m printing a failed state, but it doesnt change the uploader form control, nor does it seem to fire the following onUploadFail event handler:

formUpload.attachEvent("onUploadFail",function(realName){ alert(realName) });


Let me know if you need more than that. I’m running a freshly download copy of the library so I didn’t think I needed to include it.



print_r("{state: fail, name:’".str_replace("’","\’",$filename)."’}");
this will not parsed correctly, add quotes “fail” of use false

under completed demo I mean all js/css/php files,
to open your demo localy and check

Attached is my source. I think the problem is a little deeper that originally described. I now do not believe that the uploader control is allowing dhtmlxform_item_upload.php to process the upload. It might just be a path issue, but nothing I try seems to be working. Please tell me what is going wrong. I’ve stripped the custom PHP code in this file that I was using to attempt to only allow files of a certain type as described in the forum thread.
dhtmlx_uploader_help.zip (787 KB)


your demo works fine localy

any chance to see demo on your side?
(if you don’t want share info here you can send it to support@dhtmlx.com, please include link to this thread)