Dhtmlx 4.02 layout problem

I am having a problem with the new release of dhtmlx layout. I’m using the 3J layout and trying to set cell ‘a’ width using dhtmlxLayoutObj.cells(“a”).setWidth(200); but the setting is not changing. The same command works fine on cell ‘b’ and if the layout is resized by dragging the bar.

There are no errors reported in the console and if I read getWidth either side of executing the command it just gives me the ‘auto’ default values each time but does not change it. It worked fine in v3.6.

Any ideas?

We changed layout’s engine and now you need to use setWidth method to “stand alone” cell. In your case - only for cell B. And it is correct logic.

Thanks for the response. So, I’ve just done it backwards instead as I cannot resize cell a. I have taken the browser width and subtracted the width I want cell a to be and set that as the width for cell b.