Dhtmlx 4.1.2 end-of-support date

Hi we have purchased enterprise licence for
DHTMLX TreeGrid, DHTMLX Calendar, DHTMLX menu components of version 4.1.2 on feb 10 2015.
As the licence says, the support for this components will be for 12 months from the date of purchase.
We haven’t updated the components to the latest versions, and we don’t have any future plans.
So we want to know the end-of-support date for this version.
Is there any plan to scrap this version, if there’s any please inform about the date.

For now we don’t have plans to stop supporting 4.x versions. Anyway, if you find some bugs or browsers incompatibility issues that are already fixed in the latest versions, our support team won’t fix them in the older versions, and will recommend you to update your library.