dhtmlx - add & update xml (no db being used). What options d

dhtmlxgrid - add & update xml (no need for db).

I’m building a website in flash and it reads data from a xml file. For now i add the data manualy in a xml file.

So i was looking for a better way to input data in xml so i found dhtmlx through google.

Espescially because the secretary needs to input the data so i want to use the dhtmlxgrid to add and update the xml file.

I’ve been able to load an xml file into a grid and the only thing left to do, is saving the modifications back to xml file.

So just to be clear: i only want to update the xml file on the server. I dont want to use a DB if I dont need to.

From what i’ve read there are a couple of options:

1)dhtmlXDataProcessor which is only available in Pro: Can this be used to save the xml or is it only to save the data in a DB

2)serialization which also only available in Pro

So does this mean i need to buy the pro version to be able to save the changes i made in a grid? Do you get an example on how to update an xml. And if so how much does it cost cause i have absolutly no idea about how much this cost.

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So does this mean i need to buy the pro version to be able to save the changes i made in a grid?
The grid uses XML only as datasource , so all updates of values in grid not reflected in XML directly.
You can achieve similar to serialization by next code

var xml=[];
    var cxml=[];


Hi, Thanks for the response.

I tried the code you gave. I’ve put it in a function and just used a simple a href link that calls that function.
When i execute the function nothing seems to happen.

I’ve traced the c.getValue to see what is being pushed in the array but i get something weird unless im missing something.
When i use the folowing code:

     alert(“c: " + c.getValue);
     alert(“cxml: " + cxml);

I get in the alertbox:

c: function(){if((this.cell.firstChild)&&((this.cell.atag)&&(this.firstChild.tagName==this.cell.atag)))
return this.cell.firstChild.value;if(this.cell._clearCell)return”";return this cell.innerHTML.toString()._dhx_trim()}

Am i doing something wrong cause when i trace the xml var in the end i get a bunch of code instead of the xml tree?




Was a my typo, sorry for inconvenience, I missed brackets after getValue ( this not a property , but method )


Thanks that was it. With the () i was able to see the content of the cells.

I added in the beginning:
    xml.push("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>");

And changed the code for row to include the id(see code below), cause i’m trying to replace(recreate) the xml file that was loaded from with the new content.
    xml.push("<row id="" +id + “”/>"+cxml.join()+"");

So i think now I have an array with the whole grid with the updated information.
Since Java can’t write xml files on the server I need to pass this array to php and let php write the xml file right?

How do I send this array to php with javascipt?

In php i think will need something like this:

$filename = "data.xml";

$fp = fopen($filename, "w");
fwrite($fp, $var_xml);

Any help with the php is always welcome. Thanks.



How do I send this array to php with javascipt?
You can use native HTML ways ( for example hidden field inside form ) or use custom or built-in AJAX call

    (new dtmlXMLLoaderObject(function(){
       //code will be executed after data sending and response loading
    },window,true,true).loadXML(“some.php”,true,“data=”+encodeURIComponent (xml.join()))

In php you can take it as