DHTMLX addMarkedTimeSpan blocks time every week instead of s

I am using the dhtmlx scheduler and wanting to add a marked timespan using the addMarkedTimeSpan method as describer here: docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … espan.html

When applying the following:

days: new Date(‘2015-11-21’),
zones: [1260, 1460, 1660, 1760],
css: “medium_lines_section”,
sections: {
unit: 462


It created a markedTimeSpan for the specific date and time for the unit I am specifying. However, it is also creating one for every week in the scheduler object. So it creates a marked timespan for 2015-11-21, 2015-11- 28, etc despite specifying the exact date and zones to apply the marked TimeSpan to.

Through error checking, this only happens when I add a markedTimeSpan in conjunction with a blockTime. I am using blockTime to show working hours and markedTimeSpan to show fringe off times.

Here is an example of the issue:


addMarkedTimespan creates marked only on specified date, please check this example:

In your demo, additional markers are created by this config:

scheduler.blockTime({days: [0,1,2,3,4,5,6], zones: [0, 08*60, 17*60, 24*60], css: "medium_lines_section", sections: { unit: 462} });

Thanks @Allaksandr!

However, this is bot the issue.

The issue is that when I create an addMarkedTimeSpan for a specific date in conjunction with the blockTime method, my addMarkedTimeSpan is duplicated on a weekly basis.

You can see this by looking at the 21 November where I created my markedTimeSpan, then going to the 28th November where it appears again.

Note in my snippet, I was specific in my date to be the 21st November 2015.

i’ve confirmed the issue. We’ll investigate it locally, i’ll try to give you an update in a nearest couple of day.
feel free to bump this topic if there is delay

Hi Allaksandr,

Is there any update on this?

It is affecting me quite badly. Is there some kind of work-around while we wait?

Many thanks