DHTMLX and HTTP Request Headers

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a web application which fetches data from a REST api server. I have a situation where i need to authenticate against the API server using HTTP Request headers.
Under normal ajax requests i have to add a Authenticate: Token xxxxxx request header, how can i do the same when i have to load data from a url into a datastore.

I did try this viewtopic.php?f=19&t=32855 which suggests modifying the dhtmlxcommon.js without success… :frowning:


You can use the ajax solution that works for you and instead of



ajax(url, function(data){ datastore.parse(data); })

Where ajax - ajax solution that works for you

Thanks, that works well., but how do I handle the same when it comes to posting data I.e, dataProcrssor will the previous solution of modifying the dhtmlxcommon.js under dhtmlxAjax, suffice.

Modification of dhtmlxcommon is the only way if you need custom headers in the dataprocessor calls.

Next update ( November 2014 ) will contain updates for dataprocessor, that will allow a more flexible ajax configuration

Thanks a lot Stanislav., looking forward for the november update., also if possible can adding http headers be made general across dhtmlx, so we can fully be stateless.