Dhtmlx app on chrome


Has anybody been running dhtmlx app on the latest version of chrome (44.0.2403) for snartphone ? is it all going well or not ?
Please let me know

Thank you.


what your version of answer?

Trying dhtmlx 4.2.1 std version.

Thank you for your attention

OR the version 4.4
Test this sample link

Please try to zoom the screen then click combo you will see that The drop-down arrow in a combo box not aligned properly. It did not happen when using the older chrome version.

unfortunately we’re not responsible for zoom in chrome. I recommend you to enlarge skin to fill page to 100% without zoom. please feel free to contact our sales dept for help if any.

Hi Andrei,
What you meant about ‘enlarge skin to fill page to 100%’ is like this sample ?
please provide me a enlightenment :smiley:


I mean if our skin are too small for you and it forces you to use zoom - you’d better increase skin’s fonts, icons and other things to make skin looks largen but keep zoom at 100% scale.

regarding sample you mentioed - this is full-screen init (i.e. when app occupy all document.body and page scrolls are not in use, only scroll withing layout cells if needed)