Dhtmlx Autoscroll


How can I enable the autoscroll in Dhtmlx grid.

I have disabled autoscroll manually to prevent below situation.
example :
if I double click on the last/ second last cell. the cell vertical scroll happens and the position of the cell appears at the beginning of the grid. I don’t want this behavior.
So, I have disabled the autoScroll by:

_grid.moveToVisible = () => { };_

bt later I need to enable autoScroll feature as I have to focus the selected row in grid.
How can I do this ?

Avinash Tambe


There is method to swap the autoscroll on/off dynamically.
You need to redefine the moveToVisible function back again to enable the autoscroll:

	_grid.moveToVisible=function(cell_obj, onlyVScroll){
		if (this.pagingOn){
			var newPage=Math.floor(this.getRowIndex(cell_obj.parentNode.idd) / this.rowsBufferOutSize)+1;
			if (newPage!=this.currentPage)
			if (cell_obj.offsetHeight){
				var distance = cell_obj.offsetLeft+cell_obj.offsetWidth+20;
				var scrollLeft = 0;
				if (distance > (this.objBox.offsetWidth+this.objBox.scrollLeft)){
					if (cell_obj.offsetLeft > this.objBox.scrollLeft)
						scrollLeft= cell_obj.offsetLeft - (this.objBox.offsetWidth - cell_obj.offsetWidth) +5
				} else if (cell_obj.offsetLeft < this.objBox.scrollLeft){
					if (distance < this.objBox.scrollLeft)
				if ((scrollLeft)&&(!onlyVScroll))
			if (!cell_obj.offsetHeight){
				var mask=this._realfake?this._fake.rowsAr[cell_obj.parentNode.idd]:cell_obj.parentNode;
				distance = this.rowsBuffer._dhx_find(mask)*this._srdh;
				distance = cell_obj.offsetTop;
			var distancemax = distance + cell_obj.offsetHeight+38;
			if (distancemax > (this.objBox.offsetHeight+this.objBox.scrollTop)){
				var scrollTop = distancemax-this.objBox.offsetHeight;
			} else if (distance < this.objBox.scrollTop){
				var scrollTop = distance-5
			if (scrollTop)
		catch (er){}

this is the private API and is not intended for the public usage.