DHTMLX Calendar 3.0 doctype


I took the latest dhtmlx3.0 suite professional version. Is there any specification as to what the doctype should be for Calendar to work?

throws a script error in line no 1339 in dhtmlxcalendar.js. However using works.

So should all pages have doctype 4.01 for dhtmlxcalendar to work? Is there any such restriction on other components of dhtmlx?



hmm. what doc type are you going to use?

and what browser? where issue reproduced

The doctype that we were using is

Please note that the previous version of dhtmlxCalendar used to work with this docType.

When I change the doctype to

it works.

It is not working in IE 8 and IE 9 with this doctype. It works in Firefox 5. I have not checked other browsers.

Also, please note that nothing happens when a date is selected from the calendar. But when the form is submitted, there is an error thrown at line 1339 of dhtmlxCalendar.js saying Object doesnt support this action.

The code I use for initializing the calendar is
function initCalendar(textInput){
var cal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(’’+textInput);
cal.setYearsRange(1950, 2100);
return cal;

Could you attach the completed demo to reproduce the problem ?

I got the issue resolved. I had created a ticket and got the fixed dhtmlxCalendar.js

Thanks again!