DHTMLX Calendar : Calendar not showing in child page.

Hi there,

There are few child pages which is shown on some click event, for first time it shows the calendar on child page but when come BACK to same child page, it doesnt create the calendar object on it.

How this can be solved ?

The problem is not related to component logic, most probably code branch, where calendar initialized , not executed when you are using “back” key. ( which can be caused by placing such code in some kind of “onload” event )

    I have written the code for creating the calendar object in onload event of window in child page, first time its getting created, but its not getting created second time. I have kept alerts to see whether its going in the function or not. First time it shows alerts, but second time its not showing the alerts.

I have written the initialization code like this :
effDate = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(‘showCalDivLibrary’,null, {isYearEditable: true, isMonthEditable: true});

AND this problem occur ONLY in IE 6 and 7.

As I already mentioned - problem not related to the calendar
In case of “back” key in IE browser may not trigger onload event which cause problem in your case

Hi there,
             I am getting following errors in IE :
             “Could not complete the operation due to 80020101”.
             “Not implemented”
             “Expected identifier, string or number”
             Why these happens ?

I’m not sure that problem related to js component. Such problem occurs , when IE can’t init com object , by some reason, and can’t be triggered by plain JS code.

     Actually I am not able to show the calendar in the page which is generated on click of a tab of tabbar object.
     Why this happens in IE ???

     I am getting following error in calendar.
     I just alerted the DIV innerHTML content which is containing calendar object.
     Image Link : img57.imageshack.us/my.php?image … dardq0.jpg

The alert has limitation on text lenght, it just trim innerHTML output when reached such limit.

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where issue can be reconstructed.