DHTMLX Calendar Demo not working in IE9


Your online demo of DHTMLx Calendar doesn’t sem to work in IE9

Is there a particular issue with IE9?

Seems to work fine in firefox.

Pls let me know.


Just to give you an update,

The calendar works fine on my netbook running windows 7 and IE9

My PC has 64bit windows 7 and it doesn’t work on IE9. Scripting is enabled so there is no real reason why it shouldn’t work, but there you have it.

If there is anything in particular that you’re aware of that causes this issue, please do correct it.

As mentioned earlier, it is your demo online that doesn’t work. So it’s not a development issue on my side.



Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
Online samples work well for us in IE9 64 bit.
Please, try to reinstall your browser. If issue still occurs - please, provide screenshots with your error.