DHTMLX Calendar - onArrowClick/onMonthChange event

Hi, I’m looking for an event to hook into for the arrow buttons that change the month when in calendar view.

I think it was available in the older versions, is there an equivalent in DHTMLX Suite 7.0?

Currently thre is no event occurring for the month view listing in the dhtmlxCalendar 7.
You may try to use the modeChange event:
It will trigger on “arrows” clicking indicating the Current using mode for the calendar.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply.

Are we able to iterate the selected date somehow? Or are we able to track which button is clicked (left arrow or right arrow) so that we can iterate the date by month?

Unfortuantely there is no such API.

That’s unfortunate.

I took a look and it looks like the calendar date actually changes (not the selected date) when clicking through.

So using . getValue

Will get the current view date, and from there you can change the selected date to match.

This seems to be the closest work around so far