DHTMLX Calendar : Setting Position of caledar object


I have some question.

I want Re-Position Calendar Object.So I used setposition method.

this method is need to 3 argument. Right?

first is object name.sec, left third, top…

but this is not work…

I can’t re-Prosition Calender Object.

how to do work?


attach source code

제일은행 건철관리

.ta {border:1px solid #ff0000; border-collapse: collapse; background:#ff0000;}



setPosition can be used as
    calendar.setPosition(x,y);   // set calendar to position x,y
    calendar.setPosition(obj,x,y);   // set calendar to position x,y relative to HTML element obj

If calendar was attached to input box, it can’t be repositioned ( each time when input clicked and calendar opens - it will position self next to master input )

This does not really seem to be working.

When we try to set the position relative to some object (in our case a calendar icon, so it opens next to the icon) it still is positioned relative to its container object (span tag).

It would be nice if we could specify the positioning better, also when attaching to an input.

When you attach calendar to some object, the calendar appears next to the right border of the object.

If you want to set other position, you can define this position directly in the setPosition(left,top) method.