Dhtmlx cell showView() with "sticky content"?


I read somewhere in a forum that “1C” layout may fit my need but for now didn’t succeed in doing this :

My page defines an area where there is a (dhtmlx) toolbar with some controls and below there will be different content, depending on which mode I toggle in toolbar by clicking on a control.

So I’d like to see either the toolbar and content A or the toolbar and content B.

If I use a single cell, showView() will change the cell entire content. So would it be correct to attach toolbar to both views of single cell?

If I use two cells, I think I have to set content cell options so that it’s not “foldable” itself but I could rather fold the whole toolbar + content area…


Just beginning working with your nice product :slight_smile:

May i specify the reason of different toolbars, their purpose (functions) and so on? Could you clarify the logic of this implementation please?