DHTMLX Charts Title

Hi, it is possible to draw multiple lines on a single chart and create a custom lable for each series?, also …it is posible to create a custom chart title?. Thanks in advance by your help…


current chart version doesn’t provide possiblity to add multiple lines. Series will be added in the next chart version.

To set custom chart you may add it by the renderTextAt method (it is private method):


To add text inside chart at the top you may use the following

chart.renderTextAt(false, true, document.getElementById(“chart_container”).offsetWidth/2,10, title here");

“chart_container” is id of the container where chart is initialized.


Thanks a lot by your reply, however when we are using you suggestion, the text is rendered behind the main chart

So…how can we render text in from on chart? . Thanks in advance by your help…


you should call this method after chart rendering (after data are loaded):

chart.load(url,function(){ chart.renderTextAt(false, true, document.getElementById("chartbox").offsetWidth/2,10, "<strong>Chart Title Here</strong>"); });