Dhtmlx combo box

We are using a dhtmlx combo box in Filtering Mode in which user can select a value from the list or type a custom value.Now when user types the letter ‘Ma’ and the list of available values is ‘MAP’. I want to enter ‘Manual’ , i cannot do this as the ‘MA’ of map is already in capital letter and so I am forced to use capital letter.

Here is my code,

window.dhx_globalImgPath = “…/…/Content/dhtmlxCombo/imgs/”;
var z;
z = new dhtmlXCombo(“Batch1combo_zone”, “alfa”, 550);
z.loadXML( “…/…/Contacts1/Batch1_PromptAutocompleteDHTMLX/”);


public string Batch1_PromptAutocompleteDHTMLX(string pos, string mask){
var businessId = 1
var items = ContactSvc.GetContactPrompt(businessId, “Batch1”);
var filteredItems = items.ToList();
var xml = DataConverter.ConvertOption2XML(filteredItems, pos);
Response.ContentType = “text/xml”;
return xml;



What DHX version do you use?