dhtmlx Combo grouping - visibility problem


i have 2 dhtmlCombo objects grouped.

(I will refer to those object wiht “A” & “B”).

“B” combo is attached to “A” combo as a child.

My problem is that on loading page, “B” combo is not visible

and it remains unvisible until when you will not assign a value to “A” combo.

As I saw in your examples like “Combo groups in the same container”, it seems that this is the default behaviour.

Is it possible to set child combo always visible even if it has blank value?

Another problem is than when I reset “A” combo value (setting blank value),

“B” combo (for the same reason as above) disappears.

Thank a lot.



it is possible to modify the dhtmlxcombo_groups.js as you need. But possibly it will be better set custom onChange event handler instead of using “groups”: