dhtmlx combo in dhtmlx grid

Hi there,

I’m trying to load a dhtmlx combo in a dhtmlx grid cell using xml.

Currently, I’m using xml to load a grid:


I want to add the combo in cell 10 and have it loaded by xml

I’ve tried
var comboObject3 = {
parent: “combo_zone3”,
width: 100,
filter: “url”
var combo3 = new dhtmlXCombo(comboObject3);

This works perfectly like in the example.

How do I incorporate this into the grid?


Are you using the Free(Standard) or Pro (Paid) version? COMBO in GRID is not available in the FREE version.


Here is the example of usage of dhtmlxCombo in dhtmlxGrid.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … combo.html
If issue still occurs for you - please provide a complete demo