Dhtmlx combo option list width


I am having this issue when using showhide of the form:

The option list and the combo have diferent widths.

If i do not use the showhide the combo and option list width match correctly.

Can you help?

Thank you.


Can you share a snippet or a demo link where the issue can be checked?

here you have it


as you can see when you click on open the option list width is smaller it should be:

Other strange thing is that if you resize your browser window the width of the option list if affected as you can see in the second picture.


The width of combo list can be defined during component initialization.
If fixed value is not provided, the component will take a width of input control and adjust popup list to the same width.

Unfortunately, in the existing version, such adjustment is done only once, during first initialization. So, if a width of the combo is changed after that, the popup list width will not be adjusted.

We will fix this behavior in the next update. If you have a support subscription and need the fix ASAP, please open a ticket at support.dhtmlx.com

Thank you.

in version 508 the issue remains :cry:

I apologize for the delay.
The issue is fixed. Please, try to use the latest dhtmlxSuite.