dhtmlx Combo passing value need to be selected


i have a dropdown with year

value display

2006 06-07

2007 07-08

2008 08-09

2009 09-10 (selected by def. in XML initialization)

2010 10-11

2011 11-12

2012 12-13

from database i am getting 2007 …which means i need to show 07-08 as selected value instead of 09-10 def. selected value. i try to find the index for 2007 and to set it as selected which is not working. can you share if you have any working example.


the sample is attached

1245744895.zip (16.3 KB)

thanks, but my question is through java script how set the value in combo (in my example i want to set 2012 as a selected value in combo)


actually the attached sample demonstrates that. Please, take a look at it once again:

z.selectOption(z.getIndexByValue(“2007”)) /or just z.setComboValue(“2007”)/