dhtmlx combo populated from array in a dhtmlx form

i am using a dhtmlx combo in a dhtmlx form which i am populating from a array via a connector.

My code is something like this.
var formData = [{
type: “input”,
label: “Title”,
name: “TITL”
}, {
type: “input”,
label: “Author”,
name: “author”
}, {
type: “input”,
label: “Price”,
name: “price”

  { type: "combo", name: "fundname", inputWidth: 150, inputLeft: 25, inputTop: 25, connector: "03_from_array_connector.ashx"}];
  myForm = new dhtmlXForm("listObj", formData);
  var dp = new dataProcessor("_02_custom_operations.ashx");
  dp.setTransactionMode("POST", true);

Connector code:
var items = new List
new {key=“1”, value=“value 1”}
, new {key=“2”, value=“value 2”}
, new {key=“3”, value=“value 3”}
, new {key=“4”, value=“value 4”}
, new {key=“5”, value=“value 5”}


        var connector = new dhtmlxComboConnector(items, "key", "value");          
        return connector;

Howeer, on screen, the value and text for combo are the same.
I tried the same thing on a example solution downloaded from your website, it doesnt wrk there too. Can you please help!!