dhtmlx combobox

I am trying to use the dhtmlx combobox. Everything seems to work fine when the page is static but When i add the dhtmlx combobox to a div that is set to scroll, the position of the drop down menu does not float with the input box or the button. It stays static and hovers in EXACTLY the place where it is originally rendered. Is there a way I can use the dhtmlx widget on a scrolling div?

The position of list must be exactly next to the input on opening moment , if you scroll container without closing combo list - it may desync.There is no straight solution.�You can�a) add onscroll handler to scrollable div and call combo._positList(); from itb) you can change the way how combo list attachedline 475document.body.insertBefore(this.DOMlist,document.body.firstChild); �can �be changed to code , which append list element to your scrollable container instead of document.body