Dhtmlx connector for Menu?

Hello again brother… :smiley:
Let me ask question again… :question:

I have create a menu component in my page.
That menu was load a data from mysql database using dhtmlxmenu_dl.php, Yeah… this work perfect :smiley:

But… I studying, i must learn about postgresql, I try change my database using Postgresql.
I can’t find dhtmlx connector for dhtmlxmenu, can somebody tell me how to load menu item from postgresql database ?

Every help would be appreciated. :wink:

Unfortunately there is no separate connector file for dhtmlxmenu ( connector classes exists only for editable components )

Oh… ok i understand, I will try to find any way…
I think, i must create dhtmlxmenu_dl.php in postgresql version :smiley:

Thanks for the reply brother… :wink: