dhtmlx context menu does not show in IE7

I can see a very small part of a context menu when I right-click on a tree, but that’s it - I can’t see any of the text or icons. Can you point out what I’m missing? This is my code:

<body onload=“doOnLoad()”…>


what menu version do you use ? the code, that you’ve provided, corresponds to menu 1.0 (the previous version). The latest version has different API and libraries. The samples can be found in the tree package: dhtmlxTree/samples/context_menu/

If using menu 1.0 is premeditated, please provide the sample to recreate the issue as the code looks correct.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Alex. I got it working by looking at the examples, and I didn’t need the javascript sources I had previously included. This is the change I made to get it working.

myMenu = new dhtmlXMenuObject(null);
        myMenu.attachEvent(“onClick”, treeMenuClick);