Dhtmlx datepicker

I want only timepicker.Using Datepicker I can make visible timer picker with date.Below using code:

{ view: “datepicker”, label: ‘DateTime’, labelWidth: 100, width: 200, id: ‘dtAttnDateTime’, weekHeader: true, timeSelect: true, minuteStep: 1, hourStart: 1, value: new Date(), hourFormat: “%h%a”, dateFormat: ‘%d-%m-%Y %h:%i %a’ },

How can I show only timepicker.Please help me

Is above related to the dhtmlxCalendar or to the datepicker component from dhtmlx Touch ?

It is related to datepicker component from dhtmlx Touch

Unfortunately, currently it is not possible ( to use timepicker with datepicker part )
We will check how it can be improved in future.