Dhtmlx Diagram) Customizing right panel properties

Hi, I wolud like to make customized properties in right panel. Like as Button.

I have checked these topics.

  1. Diagram editor possible to add addtional properties in right side panel?

  2. Is there a way to add HTML inputs such as Checklist, Radio button and beyond on right panel?

Is there any way to make it now?

Currently such customization is still not available, but in the near future (in a coming month) we’re planning to release a massive dhx.Diagram update, where this panel customization will be extended.
I’ll inform you here when this update becomes available.

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According to your request we’ve extended the possibility to customize the editbar of the diagram editor in the latest dhx.Diagram update (v6.0).
You can check the details here:

Please, download the latest available dhx.Diagram build from your client’s area to get this feature.