Dhtmlx form input in percentage


Is there a way to provide values for properties like LabelLeft and inputleft in percentage in dhtmlx form.
for example :-
var FORM = [
{ type:“radio” , name:“PartyType”, label:“Person”, value:“1”, labelAlign:“top”, labelLeft:25, labelTop:175, inputLeft:25, inputTop:190, inputWidth:80 },
{ type:“radio” , name:“PartyType”, label:“Entity”, value:“2”, labelAlign:“top”, labelLeft:125, labelTop:175, inputLeft:125, inputTop:190, inputWidth:80 }


Unfortunately only the sizes is pixels are available at the dhtmlxForm.


thanks your reply… so is there a way to do this, because controls in the dhtmlxforms are not aligned properly in different resolutions if i use pixels.


Unfortunately there are no official solutions. dhtmlxForm is designed such way, that can use only the static pixel positioning.