DHTMLX Form Look and Feel

I am using dhtmlx components for my project, i get the grid, tree look and feel as expected. But for form control i am unable to get the same look and feel viz; text fields font, form control objects do not look like the other components.

i have an existing form and iam passing that object name to initialize the dhtmlx form object as shown below:


I assume there are more things required to acheive the same. But i could find any thing in the sample code provided. Can you please suggest


If you are creating form fully through dhtmlxForm ( loading json or xml configuration of the form ) - it will be styled the same as other component.

If you are using dhtmlxForm against already existing form - it will only add saving, loading, validation capabilities and will not change how form elements look.

Thanks for the reply.

Are there any CSS files which would change the look and feel for form control objects.

All styles of dhtmlxForm are stored in the dhtmlxForm\codebase\skins\dhtmlxform_dhx_skyblue.css