DHTMLX Form Uploader Does't work on IPAD or orther devices


we are using dhtmlx pro since 2012, and it working great for us.
Now we are moving to smart devices (iphone, ipad), overall the things are fine working good in the ipad and iphone browsers but one thing that became a hinge problem is “THE FORM UPLOADER”, which is not working on the ipad and iphone browsers…

Even i tried the samples provided by the dhtmlx pro 3.6 on the ipad , but its not working.
Please help me in that, we are using DHTMLX Pro 3.6.


Thank you

How can we reproduce this issue? May ba we can try to test on our online samples?


Please run the following sample on any ipad or iphone browser…

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … _init.html

its not working there…

I need help in that.


is there any luck, to run the file uploader on the ipad?:frowning:

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t provide such technical opportunity

My Goodness, :frowning:

Is there any solution for it, or any other alternative??

Thank you

Only if try to find some analogic Apple upload applications…