DHTMLX form validation with Tabs

I am having an issue regarding form validation,

My form consist of multiple tabs, each tab has a block of fields which are required fields, my validation is working fine, if i call validation at the end of form means on the last tab…

What i want to do is, to have validation alert on each tab, Like when i click next button on the first tab, the first block of required field should be validated according to the rules.

I call

validation = newCaseForm.validate();

on button click, but it validate all the form fields, I want to validate just the active tab fields…

thank you in advance…

Form doesn’t divide items by “parent-tab” relations at validation. Form validates all the items. You can use validateItem() to validate a separate item, but you need to know in which tab you have paste this item or share the whole form by parts (i.e. 1 tab = 1 form). Then you can use getFormData for each form to post them on the server, merge and send it.

Thanks for,

I used the seprate forms approach already, and its working for me. Each tab has its own small form, and before moving to next i validate it instantly, at the end i validate all the forms again…

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You are welcome!