DhtmlX Gantt Chart - Bar Color

Is anyone know how to change the Bar colors(user define color?)? Each and every tast should be in a different colors. Help me!!

For the moment it is not possible by configuration.

Will it be possible in future? Or is it NOW possible to do?
Maybe an option is to change the background images for each Task.

Hope you can help.

You will need to hack to do that. Currently, the color is hard-coded as an image in the CSS subdirectory for DHMTLXGantt.

I’ve decided to switch to Dojo Open Source Controls.

Yes, you need to replace images.
dojo controls are far away from production use.


Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else.

I know that you can change the colors of the bars by replacing the progress bar images, but are we just limited to just two colors parent and child or is there are way to add a lot more?

We basically have a job and that has to go through a number of machines on the way to being completed. We want each of those machines to have its own color so we can clearly see which one is which on the Gantt chart.

Is this possible?

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry, not yet possible.