DHTMLX Gantt in SaaS


I would like to use DHTMLX in my SaaS ( Commercial Application ). I plan on starting it from the Standard Free version, I believe my MVP doesn’'t require a fully featured gantt library. My question is, **Can i use the DHTMLX library in my SaaS for free ? It says GPL, I understand it means my code has to be open sourced, ** But the License Terms say, Usage in SaaS is allowed, I am quite confused on this. If using the library means i have to open up my code, I can start looking for other options until i build my SaaS up.? PS : This library is pure awesome.


Hello Vignesh,
Thank you for the positive feedback.
According to the terms, you can use the Standard Gantt version in your commercial application. But in that case, your application should be open source.
It doesn’t mean that you cannot earn money by using an open source application. The following article explains that: