DHTMLX (Gantt, specifically) and strict JavaScript/ES5/ES6


We would like to use DHTMLX in Salesforce Lightning Components :
developer.salesforce.com/blogs/ … nents.html

Do DHTMLX libraries support the following security requirements :
• JavaScript ES5 strict mode is automatically enabled. Libraries that do not support strict mode will not work with Salesforce LockerService.
• Content Security Policy (CSP). unsafe-eval and unsafe-inline are disallowed. Libraries using eval() or inline JavaScript code execution will not work with LockerService.

I hope someone can help.



  1. JavaScript ES5 strict mode is automatically enabled. Libraries that do not support strict mode will not work with Salesforce LockerService.
    Unfortunately we can not exactly say that Gantt supports ES5 strict mode. We didn’t check it.

  2. We haven’t worked with LockerService nor worked with Salesforce extensively, so, unfortunately, I can’t help you with that.
    As I understand, LockerService lays certain limitations on code that can work with developer.salesforce.com/blogs/ … nents.html

We have an extension for gantt that improves CSP compliance and removes unsafe-eval code docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__ … olicy.html - it could help.
However it would still use inline styles (i.e. unsafe-inline), so most probably gantt won’t work with LockerService.


Thnaks for your answer, Poilna; I will have a look


I’m following up on the same question, but for Scheduler and Suite. I’m looking for a Scheduling solution and am interested in your products integrating with Salesforce. Have you made any advances in working with LockerService now and do you plan to support strict mode and CSP? Thanks Brian


unfortunately no, there wasn’t any active development regarding the Scheduler and LockerService compatibility.
Recently we did some research on Gantt with LockerService environment, so we can do some updates with the scheduler as well.
The main stopping factor is that nobody on our end has any knowledge of salesforce and LockerService.
If you can set up a test app with dhtmlx scheduler and give me an access to the page that shows a faulty behavior - somebody from our end could take a look and send you an experimental build of scheduler with compatibility updates (and if it would work - we’ll merge changes to the main version), or conclude that the fixes won’t be possible any time soon.


We are currently also trying to incorporate the Scheduler into Salesforce using Lightning Web Components, but unfortunately it seems like it’s not supported with Locker Service.
I would be happy to know if there has been any progress in that front, or if it is planned for the near future. If necessary, we could potentially team up some of our Salesforce people with someone from your team to help describe the problem and Locker Service better.


Hi @omri.kochavi,

The scheduler compatibility with locker service still isn’t implemented but it stays in plans for the next big scheduler’s update, unfortunately, there is no ETA.
Thank you very much for offering help, I will send it to our developers, and I think they will be happy to clarify some points if they run into difficulties with this feature.


Hello @ Siarhei
Is DHTMLScheduler now compatible with Salesforce lighting web component? I have several clients wanting to use Scheduler to develop custom scheduler in Salesforce. I can see big demands for this.