DHTMLX Gantt version 5.2 - Split tasks

I’ve seen in the roadmap that the next version of DHTMLX Gantt (trello.com/c/lZOWciYD) will have the possibility to split tasks. I’ve already seen the examples where this functionality can (partially) be achieved, but I’d love to have the possibility to split a task in more than 2 parts and interact (move and resize) with each part.
Will this new feature bring this functionality?

Thank you

It will be possible to split tasks to any number of tasks and you will be able to interact with each splitted task. But one row will still have only one task. If you need to have several tasks on the same row, you can check Scheduller that has this feature:

Ok thank you.
I have in my gantt a task that is repeated many times over the time, and currently the chart grows a lot vertically.
If I will be able to split a task it in different parts and move and resize each part will be absolutely perfect.
I was thinking to move to the scheduler, and repeat the same task in the timeline view, but the gantt fits better my needs.

I really hope to solve this problem with the new version (I was waiting for something like this in order to buy the pro-version)

Just a few days ago we released 5.2 version, that has the functionality you need. Although, it doesn’t work the same way as in Scheduler, you still can have several tasks at one row. You can see how it looks like in the following example:
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/0 … _task.html
And this article explains more about that feature: