Dhtmlx Grid 7.3.2 Inline Edit With Date Time Column

Hi, Team As we are using Dhtmlx Grid Version 7.3.2 we are facing one issue

We have column Type Date And Time but once we enable inline Editing for Date time column calendarCalender%20issue shows only date how we can enable the time

Currently it is not available to use the time in the datePicker Grid editor.

i think previous version was better then this current version. we were using datetime picker in previous versions. sometimes it looks like wastage of money to have licence of dhtmlx. rather we could user free opensource library.

Thanks! Sematik
But what are the other way so we can use time with grid inline editing as we must have to impliment this, in previous version of DhtmlxGrid 4.4 it supporting after library update to 7.3.2 it’s not supporting, so can you suggest any way so we can make consistency in our product for client.

You are able to display or set the time (using the inline editing) in your date cell.
Just make sure to define the proper date format:

I want to set the time using inline editing with the calendar you provided how i can make this possible?
hopefully, you have an positive answer for this!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, currently it is not available to use the time in the datePicker Grid editor.
I’ve already sent your request to the dev team, and we’re working on this functionality, so the required feature may appear in one of the future updates.