DHTMLX Grid appears to be floating in I.E.

Hi Team,

I am using dhtmlx grid for showing some details in a jsp.

I have put this grid in a div having overflow property set.

This parent div is havin 3 dhtmlx grids and some static text as a caption to the grids.

Scrollbar is coming if the height exceeds the limit.

Whenever I scroll down the static text is scrolling but the dhtmlx grid appears to be floating.

The grid remains at the same position in spite of the scrolling. This is leading to unavailability of all the data.

This issue is coming in IE 7 and the lower versions. But it is not coming in firefox.

I have also tried in IE8. Sometimes this issue comes and sometimes not.

Can you please help me to solve this browser compatibility issue.



but the dhtmlx grid appears to be floating.
IE7 has a known issue ( not related to the grid, but common css bug ) which can cause a similar problem.
To fix the issue you need to add “position:relative;” style to the scrollable html container.