DHTMLX Grid - Capturing the value in a grid cell which is of

How to capture the value in a grid cell which is of textarea type?.

For instance,assume there are 4 cells(columns) in a grid.The 3rd cell(column) is of type checkbox.4th cell(column) is of type textarea.

For the first row,when I am still entering some text in the text area(4th cell) and click on 3rd cell,that is I check the checkbox.I am not tabbing out.How do I get the value in the 4th cell.

If am I still in the phase of entering data in the textarea,and check the checkbox,the value in the textarea is blank.I tried this using onEditCell.

I used grid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”,function).And in the function which takes 3 parameters - stage,rowId and cellInd,there I put an alert and saw it gave blank.

This is actually a general problem.If I am still in the phase of writing some text in the textarea and click somewhere else in the application,the value in the textarea is not captured.

Kindly help me with this.


You can use “onCheck” event to close opend editor:

return true;

After that if you are clicking on checkbox cell’s editor will close and you can capture entered value in the stage=2.