dhtmlx grid cell validation - after alert cannot set editabl

I have validation on some cells in a grid which cause an alert to pop up based on certain rules. After the alert pops up, I can get the focus to go back to the cell in question, but I never can get the cursor to blink. I have to hit F2 to get the cursor back, or click on the cell itself.

Basically I need to see the cursor blinking in the validated cell AFTER the user chooses OK on the javascript alert popup window.

I currently have this code after the javascript alert pops.



Which seems to keep the focus on the cell in question. However no matter what cominations I try with the selectCell function, nothing seems to get the cursor or “force edit” the cell. I have read many of the posts on this forum about how to do this, and have tried numerous of these fixes to no avail.

I have tried:







etc etc etc etc

Thanks for any help with this.

Not sure about exact reason of problem in your case, but most probably it time concurrency - you are executing editCell command in moment when current cell is not fully closed yet.
Please check attached sample, it shows how concurrency can be resolved.

1195566470.ZIP (56.6 KB)

OK - what you have supplied activates the cell BELOW the one I am validating, after the user presses OK on the alert box, and yes, the cursor is blinking on the below cell.  But I need the cell that was validated to have a blinking cursor instead. 

So I tried this: 


Because the (rID-1) gives me the row I want.  It works great!  HOWEVER… now when I navigate using my arrow keys, and get a validation alert, after saying OK to the alert, the cell becomes uneditable, and I get an error as follows:

Error:  ‘this.cell’ is null or not an object.

It pertains to this line in dhtmlxgrid.js:


Apparently by selecting the row above, I’ve messed with the arrow key functionality and now my object doesn’t exist.  Help?

Please beware that in attached sample I used

Such conversion as ID-1 is not the best way, while it may work in your case, it is logically incorrect.