dhtmlx grid connector for php doesn't generating proper XML

I am using dhtmlx grid connector for scheduler. It is suppose to generate xml response from database. My table is consisting of four rows but it is showing result for only two columns. Why so??? I am using SQLite as a database. here I’m attaching function from grid_connector.php code which is provided by DHTMLX and current output. is this code not working properly or any thing else is wrong. please help me… Thanks in advance…

public function to_xml_start(){
if ($this->skip) return “”;

$str="<row id='".$this->get_id()."'";
foreach ($this->row_attrs as $k=>$v)
    $str.=" ".$k."='".$v."'";
for ($i=0; $i < sizeof($this->config->text); $i++){ 
    if (isset($this->cell_attrs[$name])){
        foreach ($cattrs as $k => $v)
            $str.=" ".$k."='".$this->xmlentities($v)."'";
    $value = isset($this->data[$name]) ? $this->data[$name] : '';
if ($this->userdata !== false)
    foreach ($this->userdata as $key => $value)
        $str.="<userdata name='".$key."'><![CDATA[".$value."]]></userdata>";

return $str;



dhtmlxScheduler won’t work with the data in format returned with dhtmlxGrid connector
Please try use SchedulerConnector.
The chances that the particular method you’ve pasted causes the issue is pretty low. Please please post some of your code, so we’ll be able to investigate the issue.