dhtmlx grid drag select regression in 2.5


My customer support number is xxxxxxxx.
I am using dhtmlx grid and migrated from 2.1 to 2.5.
I noticed that the drag select feature in the grid no longer works properly.
When doing a drag select over a region the selected area grows accordingly.
However if during the same drag action I try to make the region smaller the selected area does not shrink.

Comparing 2.5 to 2.1, I noticed that in dhtmlxgrid_selection.js if I modify the function

dhtmlXGridObject.prototype._CreateSelection = function(x, y)
this.obj.appendChild(this._selectionObj); // from version 2.1

then it works again.

Can you provide a proper bug fix or should I keep this version ?


the issue has been confimermed and fixed. Please try to use attached file instead of the original one

dhtmlxgrid_selection.zip (3.52 KB)