DHTMLX Grid Dynamic Paging with Custom Web Service call

I am using the dhtmlxSuite Professional version 2.5.

I want to be able to use the grid to load thousands of records on the client browser. Dynamic paging seems to be the only plausible solution to scale for the volume of data my application has to deliver.
However, there is a third-party AJAX service framework that my application already uses extensively called DWR. For loading average sized data on the client side control I usually fetch the data using this DWR service, and load the JSON data using the dhtmlx controls API.
I have read through the requirements and API for implementing dynamic paging in the grid. I would like to know, if there are interceptors or handles provided by the DHTMLX grid API, to call my own web service that may return the JSON data to be loaded on the grid incrementally (dynamic paging).

In short, I want to exploit all the features provided by the dynamic paging capability of the grid. Only that, I want to be able to replace myGrid.load("url", "json"); with a call to my own custom javascript function that can invoke the DWR service to fetch the required data.

Unfortunately such feature is not supported.