DHTMLX Grid - Error on inputFilter


We are suddenly experiencing an error when trying to interact with the inputFilter on DHTMLX Grid. I can’t see that any of our code have changed on that regards, so I checked the example snippets you provide, and it seems that the same error occures there aswell.

I used this snippet here

The error that shows in the console is: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'value')

It looks like there is a deprecated function when checking the client browser that is not working.

We are using dhtmlxGrid v.7.1.2

If i change line 16670 in grid.js to the following code the error is gone in the console, but the result of the filter is missing the first element. Example there is four rows that have the text “test” in them, but the grid only shows three rows.

var val = html_1.isIE() || html_1.isSafari() ? e.target.value : e.path ? e.path[0].value : e.target.value;


Thank you for your report. We know about this problem and working on a solution.
I’ll inform you here whan the fix will be available.
For now you can use the following solution for the problematic line:
const val = e.target?.value || e.composedPath()?.[0]?.value || e.explicitOriginalTarget?.value;

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Same problem over here since update with google Chrome v109 ++ . We are using Suite 7.3. All the grids does not filtering anymore since this morning.

It seam to be in relation with Webpack URL scheme with chromium browser. Still working with FireFox.

Could not load content for webpack://dhx/ts-grid/sources/ui/content.ts (Fetch through target failed: Unsupported URL scheme; Fallback: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME)


We have fixed your reported problem in the latest (v7.3.14) dhx.Grid update.
You can check it in the online snippets:

Please, download the latest available dhx.Grid build to get that fix.
Thank you for your reports.

Best regards.