DHTMLX Grid : Error while inserting column in Internet Explo


I am getting “invalid arguments” while executing following command in the grid.


What could be the problem ??

valign value is incorrect, there is no such valign as "center"


    Thanks for the support. But why ONLY IE has this problem, Why Firefox didnt threw any error on this ???

    The IE 6 is still giving the same error.
    If I don’t want to pass the variable value, then what should I give them in function, null ??

Why Firefox didnt threw any error on this ???
The IE is only browser, which throw js error when incorrect attributes set to HTML attributes.

>>what should I give them in function, null ??
yes, null or empty string ( any value which treated as logica false will work )

Hi there,
             I am still not able to insert the column in IE 6.
             I am using following on click of a link :

                            where colIndex, colHeaderName : variables in javascript containing corr values.

            What could be the problem ???
            Please help me with some sample example with same line of code…
            I will be grateful.

Existing version of grid doesn’t support adding new column with flexible width, you need to specify some fixed width for newly added column

Hi there,
             But I am able to insert column with this line of code in FireFox.
             Error comes only in IE …

IE doesn’t recognize * as valid width value. FF ignores such error silently.

Hi there,
              Thanks for the quick support.
              But What if I want the newly added to adjust its size just like what * does ???
              How to do this in IE in which * is not supported as width of the column ???

It will require changes in source code, there is no way to achieve such functionality with existing codebase