Dhtmlx Grid, Export to Excel service?


We have an old application using dhtmlx grid 3.6 which used to be able to export to Excel via the service at: https://dhtmlxgrid.appspot.com/export/excel

However the service seems to be down at the moment (status code 500). Will the service be coming back up or has ti been moved, discontinued or something else?

Please, try to use the links from the docs page:

// exporting to PDF by using the online export service
// exporting to Excel by using the online export service

Thanks for the response. I notice that the URL has “grid5” in it - will this work when it is a 3.6 grid?

Yes, it should work properly.

Thank you!

It appears to be working. I didn’t have Excel available on the specific machine so as to check the result, but I suspect that the content of the file is fine.

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